What Services Are Offered By The Catering Companies?

The catering is done in any kind of the event to provide the food to the guests. There are catering companies who offer different kind of the catering services based on the nature of the event. Some people think that the catering services only means the providing of the food but this is not it, this is just one part of the catering service and there are other additional services as well which are provided based on the demand of the client.

The food catering:

As the name represents this kind of the catering companies only provide the client with the food. This includes the preparation of the food that the customer has selected from a predefined menu, cooking of this food, delivering it to the venue and then cleaning up the remaining food. The food catering also provides the necessary crockery such as the glasses, the silver wear and the table mats if these are required by the client.

The type of the catering services based on the function:

Wedding catering and the business catering:

The wedding catering is different form the business catering in a way that the menu choices are different along with the number of the guests. Some catering companies only provide the catering services to the weddings because they have made a menu to suit the weddings occasion similarly some catering companies are dedicated corporate catering from Byron Bay.

Bento catering:

The bento is a word which is from the Japanese origin and the meaning of this is convenient. This is called the bento because in this type of the catering service, each person is given a packed box of food which has portion of the appetizer, main course and dessert as well. The portion is fixed for every individual and the menu is sometimes also fixed.

Buffet catering:

Unlike the bento catering in which the portion is limited and the choices in the menu is also limited, the buffet line catering service is the typed of the catering in which the people are given the open food choices and there is no limit to the portion. They can take whatever they like in whatever quantity they want. In some buffet catering services, some catering companies have hired the caterer to have a little control over the distribution of the food. The caterer themselves add the portions to the plates making sure that it is rightfully distributed.

A sit-down catering service:

It is similar to the caterings service which you are given in a restaurant. The office caterings are mostly the sit-down caterings in which there is a menu and the waiter comes and take the order from every person and serves him accordingly.

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