The Importance Of Tagging And Testing In Volatile Industries.

This is quite true that electrical items are there to facilitate, fulfill the need of the clients and so much more, but it is also true that electrical items must be checked time to time in order to avoid the detrimental effects caused by an untested or untagged electrical item. Specifically in an industry where the electrical work in done frequently and the size and voltage of the electrical machineries are heavy likewise. Anyways, for those who are still unable to relate the significance of tagging and testing of electrical items in a heavy industry such as: construction, demolition site etc.

Tagging and testing of electrical items are done for two basic purposes, one to check for any damage in an electrical item (if that item is not rusted, torn or malfunctioned) secondly, to keep the environment hazard free which means the staff working on the site must stay safe and must not get harmed by any mishap as a result of an untested electrical item. To understand this concept more easily there are some tags which can be examined easily on the wire of every electrical machinery used on the construction site (giving example of a construction site, because heavy machineries are used mostly on a construction site), so much so, the date of testing, who tested that electrical appliance or machine and on which date this even happened are all written on the tag of the machine. The importance on appliances and machineries electrical tagging in Melbourne can be observed from the fact that it’s a legislative bounding for industries such as: construction, mining etc. other than these specific industries it is not a mandatory requirement by the government.

There are some misconceptions involved with the testing phase of the electrical machinery, that only an electrician can check the electrical machine and tag it accordingly. But the reality is anybody with the knowledge of electrical items can easily check the electronic item, tag it with necessary details. In technical terms it’s a government rule that any ‘competent person’ someone with suitable knowledge of the electrical goods can check and tag the appliance commonly. Certain specification related to electrical items are also mentioned in the rule book, any electrical appliance or machinery with a flexible wire, plug and/or which cannot be operated on a low voltage must be tested and tagged for the safety of the environment. Furthermore, new devices are not required to be tested just visual testing and tagging would be sufficient enough. But for used or regularly used electrical devices fulfilling the aforementioned specifications must be tagged and tested accordingly. Click here if you are from Dandenong and need of test and tag.

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