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The web design was introduced 30 years ago and in all these years, this technology and domain has seen many shifts and adapt according to the technological advancement. It has given us the features and the user experiences that we could never imagine to see when it was first introduced. The websites are not the static pages which provided the information anymore but these are actual working and operational offices now. Today there are entire schools and colleges working through the websites, there are virtual offices and people are literally working from behind the screen more effectively.

Where there is good, there is always a little bad:

If we look in the history of the website design in Adelaide then there are not only the good and positive things that the web industry has given to the world but it has introduced certain societal issues as well. The whole purpose and the idea of the internet was to make the world a global village and bring people from all across the world closer to each other but so far it has only backfired in the sense that it has made people more isolated, people prefer to stay at home and communicate online rather than actually going out and having human interaction. This could lead to a nation who only knows how to talk online and not in persons.

The aim should not only be to advance technologically but also ethically:

The web designs of the future must have a strong component of the ethics so that the world could have a nation who is both creative and socially interactive. Although some of the latest trends are discussed below which are changing the way websites were designed and developed.

Algorithmic design:

Not only in web designing but almost in every field of the software and the hardware, this approach is used where the developers, engineers and the designers do not waste their time in the things which are already developed or designed, but these use the already made components and customize these accordingly. This does not mean that the role of the web designers will be over but the actual purpose of their job will be introduced and enhanced where they could actually work on the new and creative things rather than wasting time and effort on the basic already developed things. There are now tools available which help in the designing of the prototype of the websites. The websites most of the basic functionality is covered by these tools and therefore, the designers and the developers only have to work on the features which are unique to every client. See this post to find out more details.


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