Learning About Non-invasive Fat Reduction

People who have tried hard on shedding stubborn fat through exercise and diet but there was no positive result witnessed, are asked to try for the alternative methods. The best way advised in this context is the non-surgical fat losing procedure called non invasive fat reduction. The procedure is carried out by the experienced dermatologist. The experts remove the fat without creating incisions or even inches. This procedure is used to treat the fat in knees, belly, upper and lower arms, back, neck and even the chin.

The procedure

To remove the excessive fat in the body the dermatologists use special instruments and injectable to remove the fat cells from the body. The instruments used for the procedure are handheld and approved by the medical authorities. The devices and instruments are operated in such a way that they are placed above the skin. As the device starts operating it creates waves of different kinds. Usually, the fat is targeted with the help of hot, cold or sound waves. As the waves reach out for the fat, it starts shrinking but the skin and other integral parts of the body remain unaffected.

When the treatment is done with the help of the injections a chemical with the qualities of bile is injected into the bloodstream. As the chemical goes in, the fat starts reducing in the body and finally the fat cells gradually vanish. As the fat starts dissolving the results are enjoyed for the long term.

How long it takes to observe the results?

The procedure usually takes a few hours and after that, the results gradually start appearing. In some cases, the results become obvious very quickly but for some clients, more time is required. The first clear signs are obvious in the 3 weeks’ time but the ultimate results are obvious until 6 months to be the most. The result of the injections is seen within 3 to 4 months.

Is the procedure different from liposuction?

There is a huge difference between liposuction and non-invasive fat removal. The results of liposuction are more impressive than the ones by non-invasive fat reduction. The subtle results of the latter are observed when your clothes start getting lose or the tummy starts feeling flattered.

How long will the recovery take?

There is no harm in joining the daily chores after the treatment. There is little inconvenience due to bruising and swelling but with the time it no longer stays. In the case of injections, the recovery time is comparatively longer as the injections cause swelling that subsides after two weeks.

Are there any side effects?

The common side effects in this regard are discomfort, swelling and mild bruising. Injections in the chin can cause excessive swelling. Some people feel a stinging feeling in the belly region as well. Usually, the side effects go away in a few days. The most irritating and painful results are witnessed after freezing the fat in the body. If you want to remove your double chin, just click here now.

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