Factors Affecting Limousine Services Prices

Hiring the limousine for your special occasion is on your bucket list. You always wanted to make an entrance that will leave a long-lasting impression. So, now you get an opportunity to live up your dream. You went to a limousine services company and ask them that you want to hire a limousine for 4 hours on some particular date. You have been in random contact with the same company from last 6 months. Having a good idea about their services and prices. They share the schedule with you and also the estimate for the booking of the limousine on your desired date. When you saw the estimate, suddenly you realized that offeror has made a mistake while writing for the estimated budget. Because the written figure is twice the figure you checked 1 month back. The person checks the figure again and responds” You have been in contact from long, so I have offered you a 10% discount otherwise we are charging more from other people nowadays”. You just listened and stand there in shock, your dream of sitting in limousine seems to be shattering. Because you have spent months saving money but now as the amount has been doubled, you don’t have time to wait further. 

But the question that must be raised in such a scenario is that how the prices can increase in such a short period while all the other factors like fuel price or inflation remain the same. One should be realized that every business has different dynamics and many factors may impact business other than visible parameters. Same is the case with the limousine service company, multiple factors may impact the pricing for limousine hire, such as;

Season: Yes, the season doesn’t mean summer or winter. But it is related to festivals or occasion. There are certain months in the year when the rate of weddings is high, then at that time cost of limo hire will also be high. Like, there is a festival in the city, the use of limousine may increase due to festivities, this can directly impact the prices.

Fleet Health: The newer and better the fleet, the more the price. The limousine service company having top-line limousines like Lincoln or Chrysler Limousines will be charging more. As these models are said to be the top contender in Limousines. Also, if you will go for stretched limousines or upgraded stretched SUV, these variants don’t come cheap.

Services: The costing also depends upon the quality of services provided by limousine hire in Melbourne. Things like the trained and qualified driver, cleanliness of the car, greeting drinks or extra time. All these services will add up in price but it can also ensure that you will be getting VIP treatment, for which you have wanted to hire a limousine. 

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